Some scattered thoughts on the great social media purge of 2021 and the calls to repeal Section 230.

1) What’s the counterfactual?

Containing the epidemic and stabilizing the economy will require further action from Congress and the administration.

I sometimes describe myself as Hegelian. This confuses a lot of people, so I decided to write out a concise explanation of what it means to me. Take this essay as a radical simplification of the ideas contained within. It reflects my amateur understanding, and merges Hegel’s thought with interpretations that came much later, but are clearly in the same tradition. That said, given that Hegel is hard to understand, I hope my reconstruction of his thought is reasonably accessible and clarifying of my own views.

Medicaid waivers provide a model of “executive federalism” that works.

Medicaid was signed into law in 1965 alongside Medicare.

Social insurance is about solving market failures, not forced philanthropy.

Safety-nets help pool and transfers different kinds of risk.

Ending the ban on supersonic overland is the key to achieving affordable, faster-than-sound air travel.

Concept art of NASA’s quiet “QueSST” supersonic jet.

The ideals of liberalism seem increasingly under threat these days, so it’s worth reviewing what they are, where they come from, and why it’s essential that they make a comeback.

The idea of a Universal Basic Income — an unconditional cash stipend from the government that could, in principle, greatly simplify the existing system of means-tested programs — has come under fire for being antithetical to one of America’s strongest values: Work.

Samuel Hammond

Ensnared in a web of belief / Poverty @NiskanenCenter / Tech @mercatus /

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